Fabrication Shop

We meet our client’s fabrication requirements through innovative production means and methods that make the construction process more efficient, cost-effective, and safer.

Comprehensive Turnkey Fabrication Services

Located on Grundco Huntsville Alabama office campus, the Fabrication Shop (Fab Shop) specializes in turnkey fabrication services, offering clients a comprehensive solution from start to finish. From its central location, the Fab Shop works with clients across the country, serving industries such as aerospace, industrial, commercial, retail, and defense.

From design and engineering to manufacturing and assembly, our highly trained staff can tackle any fabrication job while maintaining quality control standards throughout each step of the process.


Grundco Fabrication team are some of the most skilled trade workers whose specialized expertise ensures the highest-quality products are delivered on time, every time to exacting requirements. Our Fab Shop manager, Joey Bush provides our skilled fabricators with the guidance necessary to service the dynamic needs of our growing clientele with impeccable client service.

Delivering high quality products that meet your exact specifications.

Our fabrication process combines advanced 3D BIM technology with the latest in precision, automated manufacturing equipment.

This state-of-the-art combination creates a streamlined workflow that reduces waste and maximizes efficiency. And our experienced trade workers have extensive knowledge of all aspects of fabrication which allows us to provide expert advice on materials, tooling requirements, logistics, and more.

Our cutting-edge software and fabrication machinery, paired with an expert staff devoted to accuracy and detail, guarantees a quality product that you can trust. Fabricated products include:

Structural steel (300 tons or less)

Stair systems & supports

Wall-panel systems

Handrails & guardrails


Pipe racks & supports

Wire mesh


Lintels, kicker supports & miscellaneous metals

Architectural finishes

A trusted Industry Partner

In addition to fabricating for grundco projects, the Fab Shop regularly provides fabrication services to steel fabricators, general contractors, and construction managers from around the nation.

With an unsurpassed commitment to safety, detail, and transparency, the Fab Shop quickly became a trusted partner to the entire construction industry.