Multi-family renovations


A multi-family renovation is a renovation or remodeling project completed on a rental property such as an apartment building, townhouse community, or Live Work Complex. It is typically safer to work with a company familiar with multi-family renovations because a multi-family renovation contractor will be able to offer suggestions to complete the project as smoothly as possible.

The idea of remodeling and restructuring a multifamily building offers both risk and the opportunity to add trends associated with real estate to your property. Multi-family renovation companies can suggest changes that improve the functionality of the space. There may be various reasons you want to change the interior and exterior appearance of your building.

Many people consider renovations as a way of adding a rate of return on their investment. Whenever you’re planning a renovation, we recommend working with a Contractor who specializes in the remodeling of multifamily buildings and properties. GRUNDCO is here for you whether you are turning units, renovating units, or adding amenities, give us a call.


  • Kitchen and Bath remodeling
  • Adding washer dryers to units
  • Adding HVAC to units
  • Complete unit turns or conversions