Insurance & Surety

Grundco Surety and Insurance Brokerage, Inc. (TSIB) is a full-service brokerage that supports our clients through a variety of programs and services.

Train, educate, and minimize risk to help clients grow their businesses.

TSIB helps clients protect and grow their businesses through training, education, and risk mitigation. Additionally, their relationships with the largest insurance markets enable them to give clients access to more carriers.

This allows TSIB to provide clients with more risk financing options, giving them the best insurance program that fits their specific risk profiles and premium requirements. TSIB, offers better coverage for a competitive price, all while protecting your bottom line.

Experience you can trust.

The construction industry has its share of risks. An obvious and significant way to combat these exposures is through insurance. It’s critical to partner with a trusted insurance broker that understands the construction industry and its nuances. Whether it’s claims services or a surety program that promotes and expands your business, the TSIB team has you covered.

For information on how TSIB can help your business, visit: or their blog.

Construction Risk Experts

The team at TSIB understands the intricate details of construction and how to minimize your company’s risk.

Not only does their team have firsthand experience as construction professionals on project sites, but they also have a unique insurance buyer’s perspective on construction risk assessment.

Success looks different for each client. That’s why TSIB treats every client as if they were their only client.

Receive unsurpassed client care. Contact a TSIB representative to understand how their team can