Lean Construction

Lean is a philosophy that emphasizes the elimination of waste to create a smoothly flowing production process that produces only what is needed, when it is needed, and in the quantity needed.

We’ve pioneered the use of lean construction by adopting the right mindset.

Our Lean Construction practices emphasize the elimination of unnecessary steps and resources in order to enhance project schedules, quality, and customer satisfaction.

Our Lean Management practices include using data and metrics to guide decision-making, empowering our entire workforce to identify and solve problems, and implementing a culture of continuous improvement.

National Leadership & Resources

Our leadership plays a significant role in promoting lean construction practices throughout our global office network. By establishing an enterprise-wide strategy and through their support of local offices with the necessary resources, the Lean Construction group drives positive change throughout Turner.

Adopting a lean mindset, and applying lean management principles to existing practices results in many operational benefits.


Increased productivity and efficiency


Improved quality and safety


Increased collaboration and communication


Reduced waste and costs


Improved customer satisfaction.

Enhancing Productivity

Lean construction improves efficiency, reduces waste, and increases productivity through streamlined processes, eliminating unnecessary steps, and effective resource utilization. Tools like value stream mapping, kanban, and 5S reduce costs and improve project and operational quality.

Pull planning

This is a process where work is only started when it is needed, rather than on a predetermined schedule. This helps to reduce unnecessary work and improve overall efficiency.

The New Canaan Library

Turner provided construction management services on this new world-class library for the Town of New Canaan which serves as the Crown Jewel of the Town. The Town worked for over 10 years to develop a transformational space that amplifies the library experience for families—connecting people, perspectives, and information to help build a more engaged, inclusive, and empathetic world.