Offsite Construction

Offsite construction is transforming the construction industry and driving traditional building activity away from the project site and into safer and more efficient, controlled manufacturing-like environments.

Offsite construction delivers enhanced quality, safety, and project certainty.

Offsite construction refers to the manufacture or fabrication of building systems at a location other than the final point of installation. Production facilities can be located onsite, near-site, or completely offsite, depending upon project requirements and jobsite logistics constraints.
Our National Offsite Construction Group collaborates with clients and internal resources such as the Grundco Engineering Group and the Virtual Design & Construction group to maximize opportunities for offsite construction on projects locally, nationally, and globally


Our Offsite Construction group is led by experienced subject matter experts that provide centralized resources and a global network of professionals so that every project team can evaluate, and implement offsite construction strategies that enhance their project outcomes.

Understanding Offsite Construction

Offsite construction refers to the manufacture or fabrication of building systems at a location other than the final point of installation. Prefabrication is the fabrication and assembly of system components in a controlled, manufacturing-like environment, onsite, near-site, or offsite. Modularization is characterized by the design and manufacture of volumetric sub-assemblies or modules.

While single-trade prefabricated components and multi-trade systems are commonly implemented on Grundco projects, complex sub-assemblies, and modules, including full-building modular stacks are becoming increasingly common in the construction industry. Grundco is uniquely positioned to deliver the entire spectrum of offsite solutions.
This state-of-the-art combination creates a streamlined workflow that reduces waste and maximizes efficiency. And our experienced trade workers have extensive knowledge of all aspects of fabrication which allows us to provide expert advice on materials, tooling requirements, logistics, and more.

Benefits of Offsite Construction

Offsite initiatives enhance our ability to more predictably and effectively deliver our Construction Management services and its fundamental elements. When capably delivered, implementing offsite strategies construction can be a key driver of increased construction productivity – contributing to improved project schedules, reduced cost and budget variability, improved site safety, enhanced quality, and reduced waste.

Expertise in Scale & Complexity

Most if not all projects have elements that can be produced within a controlled environment and delivered onsite when needed. We help our clients and business partners identify these elements that vary in scale and complexity to create the right prefabrication solutions that solve your problems

Let’s talk about how we can develop and implement an offsite construction and manufacturing strategy to meet your delivery needs