Grundco collaborative approach to preconstruction, founded on transparency and accountability is the most trusted and comprehensive in the industry.

Unrivaled Intelligence

Grundco delivers preconstruction intelligence by leveraging proprietary tools, long-term relationships, and more than a century’s worth of building experience and expertise. The preconstruction phase is critical to your project’s overall success. It involves a variety of activities and tasks that are crucial for the project to proceed smoothly and efficiently.

There are many facets to a successful preconstruction program, some of which include planning for construction activities, identifying labor requirements and costs, developing a procurement strategy, and outlining safety protocols.

Also during the preconstruction period, potential risks associated with your project are identified and strategies are developed to mitigate those risks. This includes evaluating the cost of materials and supply chain, environmental regulations, and other factors that could affect the success of your project.

Collaborative preconstruction approach ensures successful project planning and detailing

Our preconstruction approach is founded on teamwork, effective communication, and a promise that with proper planning and detail your project will be a success.

Through a collaborative process, our approach provides structure, direction, and accountability to ensure projects are properly planned and detailed well before construction begins.

Preconstruction services include


Effective communication during the preconstruction phase sets a strong foundation for open dialogues throughout the project lifecycle.

To ensure everyone is on the same page, regular meetings are held to discuss expectations, review progress, and share information using BIM models, milestone schedules, and means and methods analysis. All stakeholders will have access to transparent communication that is clear, comprehensive, and accurate.

National Leadership

Grundco overall preconstruction vision and strategy are developed and maintained nationally to ensure clients, regardless of their location, receive unsurpassed service and value.

More than 1,000 preconstruction professionals located throughout our office network guarantee project certainty.